Glasgow Pride Returns on Saturday 15th – 16th July 2023

Glasgow Pride is back and is expected to be a bigger and better event than in previous years for so many reasons. Events galore will take place throughout the city culminating in the highlight that is the Glasgow Pride Parade / Mardi Gla. This year the theme is ‘Women of the LGBTQ+ Community & Movement’.

Scotland’s biggest LGBTQ+ celebration takes place in the vicinity of George Square from 10am to 2pm, as the Mardi Gla gets underway. It’s one big party filled with colour, celebration, and pride at belonging to a community where LOVE of life and happiness whatever your gender or sexual identity is embraced.

Glasgow Pride 2023

Although the full line up of events has not been released, Glasgow city council are working hard behind the scenes to make sure everyone visiting Glasgow and participating in one of many events are included. Whether you are in the parade or a spectator who wants to soak up the atmosphere, you might want to consider booking your place to stay in Glasgow well in advance. Not only is the parade taking place in the height of the tourist season, but there are so many other reasons to visit Glasgow in July due to the number of events taking place.

That’s WHY we love Glasgow in Summer, there is simply so much to experience and enjoy for all ages, genders, and abilities. With 6 properties to choose from in the McQuade suite of properties, have a look online on our website and find out which property may best suit your needs and budget. One thing is certain, you’ll love the friendliness of our staff and the comfort of our rooms. When you book online and direct, we make sure your price is the very best one available at time of booking. Glasgow Pride 2023, will you be there?

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