Winter Warmer Discount

Winter Warmer: 20% Discount!

Okay, so we know there are still a fair few months of the year to get through and some of the best ones at that. We’re talking about summer of course and while there are sure to be plenty of exciting dates in your diary already, we reckon there might be room for one or two more. Just picture it now; the excitement of summer holidays abroad is over, Mr. Sunshine is fading from our skies… what next to keep your spirits up? 

Drum roll then please, as we unveil one of our very best deals of the year! It’s a whopping 20% off all stays between November 1st and December 30th. You heard correctly. A 20% saving including some of the best nights of the year in Glasgow. The city’s firework display attracts over 20,000 people on November 5th, with dazzling explosions taking to the skies amid a whole host of activities and fun for all the family. Why not treat yourself and any little ones to a night or two in the city and enjoy the festivities? Or, plan ahead and book you and the gang in for a couple of nights over the Christmas shopping period. It’s not just great finds in the shops that’ll tempt you but our huge array of bars and restaurants too – one of the  best selections outside of London, don’t you know? 


Whatever your reason for staying, you can’t argue with a discount like that. At the Albion Hotel, you’ll find a charming, 3-star residence boasting 20 bright rooms, each of which is en-suite. Our location couldn’t be better as we’re tucked away on a quiet street just one mile from the city centre, or a ten-minute walk to the much-loved Byres Road and its artisanal vibe. We’ve got single, double, twin and even family rooms to cater for your party and, of course, wifi and TV access to keep you entertained. 

To book your stay at our hotel, get clicking and book online via our dedicated booking site. Best rates are always guaranteed here, and it’s the only place to redeem your discount code – WINTERWARMER. We strive to provide the very best booking experience for our guests so if you have any trouble, or even just want to get the inside scoop on what to see and do ahead of your trip, give us a call and our on-hand staff will be happy to help. See you soon!