Why Book Direct?

Why Book Direct?

There are a million ways to book a hotel room these days. Well, perhaps not quite a round million but you’re certainly not lost for options if you’re looking to secure a room online or through an app. Still, booking direct with the hotel themselves proves time and time again to be the best method to garner a great deal.


Well, booking sites are only given a finite number of rooms to sell – when these run out the hotel seems full but that’s not always the case. For the most accurate availability at the Acorn Hotel it’s imperative that you get in touch direct. As a team, we personally have the only 100% accurate availability schedule for our rooms and you could be missing out if you limit your search to an aggregate booking website.


Once you know there’s a room available your next priority is price. Again, calling the Acorn reception desk will give you access to exclusive deals and discounts which aren’t available anywhere else. Many times, if you quote a price you’ve been given elsewhere the hotel can beat it by offering you money off or other incentives so it’s always worth having the conversation.

Better Service

Lastly, you’ll get a much better feel for our excellent customer service standards if you get in touch direct. Staff are only too glad to help meet your requirements or, alternatively, our online booking system is quick and simple to use. By chatting through your booking you’ll feel fully informed about the terms of your stay and there’s space to ask any burning questions you might have too.

So, book direct at the Albion Hotel today and save!