Thing That Go Bump In The Night

Things That Go Bump In The Night

We’ve gotten all spooked out at the thought of this year’s highlight of the Halloween season! Pollock House, a former stately home sitting just a stone’s throw from Glasgow’s city centre, is hosting the ultimate scare-fest this October and we reckon you should do everything you can to be there! 

Ghost Hunt Experience is a night of chills and tales from beyond the grace, delivered by organisers UK Ghost Nights. This time around, they’ll be taking a group of brave souls on the search for ghouls which feature in the Pollok House’s past. The tale of mute serving girl regaining her power of speech and accusing five locals of making deals with the devil has had historians scratching their heads for many years and now you can be a part of the band of plucky members of the public who will make it their business to get to the bottom of the story. There’s a chance you could spot the maid – Janet – herself, so make sure she doesn’t accuse you of witchcraft! Other spirits are known to wander the corridors during the hours of darkness too, so you’d better be on the lookout. 

Thing That Go Bump In The Night Albion Hotel Glasgow

Thing That Go Bump In The Night Albion Hotel Glasgow


The evening starts with a tour of the house to get you familiar with your surroundings and give you an understanding of just what it is you might be looking for – and what you mind find! You’ll then take part in a number of paranormal experiments which have us quaking in our boots at the mere though of what you’ll see and hear behind the House’s closed doors in the small hours. 

If you think you’ve got what it takes, head over to the UK Ghost Nights Facebook page or website for more information. Tickets are priced at £49 and the event is for one night only, 20th October. Once you’ve had your fill of all things freaky, take a load off at the Albion Hotel where you’ll find top-notch service and a slap-up breakfast to fill your hungry bellies in the morning. 

This one’s definitely not for the faint-hearted! We’re quaking in our boots at the thought of what you might uncover in Pollock House’s darkened corridors, but we’ll be happy to hear about it (second-hand!) when you come to stay with us afterwards.