Business Travel

Top Tips for Business Travel

Does your job require a hefty amount of work away from the office? Do you find yourself forever stressed-out at the thought of finding yet another hotel in another new city? Travelling for work can be tiring, daunting and a downright nuisance at times. At the Albion Hotel, we aim to provide a stress-free service for all our business travelers and have come up with some top tips to help your trip turn out stress-free.

Get Fully Charged

Having mobile devices and tablets at the ready is essential if you’re travelling around a new city. Getting online can help you book a taxi, find your hotel and even check in. Make sure you charge before you go and keep a mini charging pack or booster to hand if you find yourself running low.

Travel Checks

It’s often the last thing you want to do on a Sunday night but making sure you’re fully packed and ready to go first thing on Monday morning can give you relaxed start to the week and kick things off in the right direction. Make a checklist of everything you need from travel documents to technology devices, clothes, toiletries and printouts for work.


Following your airline, airport or train company online through social media or email shots can be a great way of receiving important information like travel delays, cancellations or any extra security checks that may have been implemented.

Loyalty Pays

If your company allows it or you have your own business then travelling for work can really help rack up the loyalty points. We’re not just talking airmiles – think coffee house points, supermarket rewards and even cashback on credit card purchases.

Luggage Size

Every airline has their own luggage policies so it’s important to check before you fly exactly what you’re entitled to take on board. Invest in a sturdy cabin bag which matches the smallest measurements allowed of any airline you regularly fly with; that way you’ll never be caught short at the check-in queue and find yourself having to pay extra to check baggage.

Think Logically

To save time at your airport or train station be savvy about how you get from A to B. Is there a large family trying to check-in ahead of you with multiple bags and kids in tow? Look for another queue opening up or better still, check-in online and skip the line altogether!

Home from Home

The Acorn Hotel delivers a true home away from home experience. Our boutique hotel has fewer than 20 rooms, ensuring a relaxed environment in a quiet pocket of the city, allowing you to unwind during your much-needed time off.

Rolling to Success

Folding clothes is a thing of the past as rolling has been crowned the king of keeping creases at bay. Not only will your clothes be ready to slip on straight away once you’ve unpacked, the method also serves to save space.


All airlines now require liquids to be in 100ml or less volume bottles and packaged in a transparent bag or carry case if you’re taking them in hand luggage. Rather than hurrying to pack what you need for every trip, keep a bag handy complete with miniatures of all your essentials.

Don’t Forget Downtime

Yes, it’s a work trip, but you don’t spend 24 hours a day at work when you’re in the office, do you? Take along a good book or a tablet for watching your favourite programs or see what’s on TV in your room at our hotel. You could even take a look at our blog page and explore the local area including Kelvingrove Park and Museum.